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  • Medical clean door refers to a room specially designed to eliminate the pollutants such as particulates, harmful air and bacteria in the air within a certain space range, and control the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, v...
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  • in the medical steel clean door accessories, the most important two kinds of accessories are screws and nuts, because screws and nuts are different from ordinary doors in the installation, there will be great differences in the angle of accessories, and there will be characterist...
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  • Medical steel clean door is a kind of airtight door, now many hospitals have begun to use. It provides great convenience for the daily work of these medical institutions, and it is very durable. Why say so? The following small series for you to answer, and for you to introduce th...
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  • Speaking of the advantages of this stainless steel clean door and window, it is really countless. Yuanda purification chooses five special points to explain to you. If you want to know, please come and have a look...
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  • with the development of medical facilities and the demand of electronic goods, the purification level of work and production area is becoming higher and higher, and the clean door is a necessary purification equipment channel for employees to enter the clean room or dust-free wor...
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  • In some special areas, there will be more strict requirements for the use of goods. For example, hospitals have very high requirements for sanitation. They will use steel clean doors, because the use of steel clean doors can ensure that the environment in our hospital can meet th...
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  • the opening signal of medical automatic cleaning door is the contact signal. Microwave radar and infrared sensor are two common signal sources. Microwave radar is a response to the displacement of objects, so it has a fast response speed. It is suitable for the places where peopl...
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  • when the medical clean door is running, the action of opening or closing the door is too slow, mainly because the setting value of the speed knob of opening or closing the door of the control device is too low; the walking resistance is too large; the belt is loose and the tensio...
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  • the operating room clean door has a high technological content, and the reliability of its mechanical equipment, active equipment or intelligent equipment is very different, so the price is very different. In order to ensure normal use, less failure, durable and safe, we should c...
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  • steel clean door is often used in some dust-free workshops, because it can fully guarantee the environment of the workshop. Different workshops will choose different steel clean doors, which can fully meet the needs. Do you know what common characteristics are there for different...
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