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  • clean room door

  • purification

  • pass box

  • automatic
    sliding door

  • PVC roller
    shutter door

  • air shower

  • free impact

  • negative pressure
    weighing booth

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    R&D deparment and
    corporation team
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    Equipment and
  • M
    Materials and
  • Q
    Environment and
    Quality Inspection
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    producing technology
Yuanda clean doors and windowssophisticated details and impeccable doors and windows
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    R&D deparment and corporation team
    10 high-level technology R & D team, constantly improving the industry to a higher level
    20 years of clean door and window design experience, beautiful, novel and high-end atmosphere
    20 patent technologies of utility models with strong R & D strength


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    Equipment and capacity
    Dozens of advanced automation equipment
    Several advanced automation production lines
    Annual production of 50000 sets of clean doors and windows


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    Materials and accessories
    Select raw materials to ensure high quality
    Close the control materials and trace the source
    Small hardware, also need reliable


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    Environment and quality inspection
    It has 30000 m2 modern factory buildings
    Have 400 flat greenhouse constant temperature room
    5S layout is the most efficient


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    Process and process
    Follow SOP and keep standardization in mind
    Three inspection standards, stable quality delivery
    Only when all records are valid can statistical analysis be reliable


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20-year experience in clean field, harvest more than 1000 customers
  • Case Study of
    Biopharmaceutical Industry

  • Case Study of
    Electronics Industry

  • Case Study of
    Food Industry

  • Case Study of Cosmetic
    Chemical Industry

  • Case Study of
    Medical Industry

  • More Industry

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Always praised by customers, certificated supplier of clean doors and Windows
Suzhou Yuanda purification equipment factory was established in 2002. It is a factory specializing in the production of purification doors and windows and color steel plates. Its products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, food, scientific research and other industries. The company has always respec...
Suzhou Yuanda Purification Equipment Factory
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